Are Timber Windows and Doors Still a Good Choice?

Over the last few years, an overwhelming look has overtaken the homes around Sussex and the UK – white uPVC windows and doors.  While these are a great option with lots of positives in their favour, they are not the only options.  Timber windows and doors are one of the traditional options but are they still a good choice?

Timber Windows and Doors Sussex

Benefits of timber windows and doors

The first thing to realise is that many window and door companies only really work with uPVC but if you talk to carpenters and joiners, you realise there are still lots of options when it comes to timber windows and doors. 

That’s because experts in bespoke joinery will offer the creation of these alongside custom furniture services.  Cabinet makers, custom furniture joiners and even joinery manufacturers will offer bespoke windows and doors in addition to their other services.

The look of wood

Top of the list of reasons that people opt to use residential joinery to have timber windows and doors created is that the look of wood is something that other materials cannot match.  That’s why many commercial joinery and shop fitters still use wood for the front of business properties – it has a look that aluminium and uPVC cannot compare with.  Plus the variety of wood types and finishes means you can always find the right one for your tastes.

Good heat conductor

Wood is naturally good at conducting heat, with 1800 times the insulation properties of aluminium.  This means heat is kept inside the house in winter and makes it cooler in summer.  This has a positive effect on utility bills, helping to cut energy costs and do your bit for the environment to avoid wasted electricity.

Match with internal wood

Another thing to consider is that when you use bespoke joinery services, the wood can be matched with other wood inside the house.  If you are having other custom joinery done such as internal doors, staircases or even bespoke furniture, the wood can be matched with this.  Or the wood used in the windows and doors can match with anything already present.

Wood lasts a long time

 Wood has a proven long lifespan in windows and doors that makes it a cost-effective option.  Not only that but with regular gentle maintenance, wood will stay looking great for far longer than other materials and isn’t prone to problems such as rust or deterioration.

Lower expansion rate

A little technical, but wood has the smallest coefficient of any of the materials that are commonly used for windows and doors.  This means that it expands less than other materials due to weather conditions such as rain or UV exposure.  The benefit of this is that your windows and doors remain a great fit with less chance of gaps to let moisture in.

Attractive and practical

While big-name window companies might be opting for uPVC, there is still a strong case for wood.  It creates attractive and practical solutions for windows and doors, can be made in any design or style and adds to the aesthetics of your home.

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