Custom cabinet makers in Sussex

Cabinets come in many different forms and are often a key part of a room.  From kitchen cupboards to the unit under the TV, cabinets can bring together the elements in the space and are endlessly practical.  You can also opt for custom cabinets that are made specifically for your needs and tastes – J&N Joinery are cabinet makers in Sussex that offer this service.

cabinet makers in sussex

Our Services

  • Comprehensive cabinet making service
  • Cabinets made for kitchens
  • Bespoke styles for all rooms
  • Handcrafted and high quality
  • Experienced cabinet maker and joiner

Custom joinery services

We offer a range of custom joinery services and one of the most popular of these is cabinet making.  Cabinet is a term used for a whole range of styles of practical furniture that can be used for storage and also look smart.  The kitchen cupboards we all store so much in are one of the most common examples – each of these is an individual cabinet that is installed in the kitchen alongside others to complete the room.

Our custom cabinet making service allows us to create the exact cabinet or cabinets you want to fit your room and meet your needs. No more measuring and hoping something will fit – we will measure and make it to fit!

Commercial cabinet making

As well as creating cabinets for our domestic customers, we also offer the same service for small businesses around Sussex.  We have created cabinets for restaurants, bars, pubs, shops and offices as well as other types of business. 

To start with, we come into the business property and discuss your needs.  We offer full shop fitting services, or we can provide cabinets to go with other furniture that you already have.  We can match designs or offer something different if you are renovating the interior.

Whatever the need you have for new cabinets, give us a call today to chat!

Bespoke Joiners in Sussex

"Very fast and great job - fits perfectly and great price and finish. Highly recommend.



If you have any questions about the bespoke services we can offer, or would like to know more about how we can help you design the perfect new space in your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to go over the process and offer a generalised quote to get started. Call us on 01903 733 776, email or click the button below.