5 Reasons Why Custom Furniture is the Perfect Solution

There are some amazing shops around the country that sell mass-produced furniture and there’s nothing wrong with these options at all.  But there are times when you want something different, something unique or even something that is specific to the dimensions of your home.  This is where custom furniture, also known as bespoke furniture, comes in.

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What is custom furniture?

Custom furniture is where you work with carpenters and joiners to create something completely unique to suit your needs.  It includes joinery manufacturers who create items by handcrafted and modern systems to ensure that items are consistent – staircases are one example of this.  It also includes cabinet makers who create things like kitchen cabinets and TV units and even commercial joinery and shop fitters.

Why custom furniture is the perfect solution

So why would you choose to use a service for bespoke joinery in Sussex rather than popping into those big-name stores?  Here are some reasons to consider.

The exact fit

For many homes, especially older ones, rooms are rarely exactly square or rectangular.  This means you are constantly battling with the dimensions of the room to get the right fit and usually don’t win.  However, when you use custom joinery, you can have furniture made to exactly fit the space you selected, without worrying about how awkward those dimensions might be.

Select the perfect materials

The other problem with store-bought furniture is that you are limited to what they have in.  So you might love a particular TV stand, but it only comes in certain colours, not the shade you want.  When you use residential joinery experts, you can have the furniture you want with the materials you choose so no compromises are needed.

Unique furniture

There’s nothing nicer than having something unique and bespoke in your home that exactly matches the space and your taste.  This is what custom joinery brings – furniture that no-one else will have.  That’s because each piece is made when you order it to the dimensions you provide and with the materials you choose.  No ready-made, easy assemble furniture but instead a long lasting, high quality and completely one-off piece of furniture.

A good investment

Because bespoke furniture is handmade, it will often last longer and look the part for a longer period than store-bought furniture.  This means, while it might cost more initially, it offers better value for money and is a good investment.  If you decide you want to sell the furniture, you can also sell it for more because it is bespoke and high quality.

Increase the value of your home

Finally, when you use bespoke joinery for fittings in the home and things like kitchen cabinets, it can increase the value of the property when you sell it.  By being able to list bespoke fittings and furniture that will stay with the house, you can often find buyers willing to pay more for this.

The perfect solution

Custom or bespoke furniture is the perfect solution to get the exact pieces you want in the style you like and the materials you choose.  No store-bought option can quite compare!

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