Beautiful bespoke furniture in Sussex

There are lots of great furniture shops around the country that supply furniture for every room in your house.  But if you want something a little different, a touch unique or simply that matches exactly to a space, then you need to talk to J&N Joinery about our bespoke furniture in Sussex.

bespoke furniture in sussex

Our Services

  • Full range of bespoke furniture
  • Handcrafted to meet your needs
  • Unique and high quality
  • Suitable for all rooms of the house
  • Fittings also available

Why choose bespoke furniture?

Bespoke goes a step beyond just handmade – it involves something that is created specifically for you, based on your own requirements.  This means each piece is totally unique and made to measure.

That uniqueness is a great benefit but also means that you get furniture that perfectly fits the space you want to put it in.  In older houses, for example, rooms can often be a little quirky in their size or shape and this can make it difficult to find the right furniture that fits.  But with bespoke furniture, this isn’t a worry as the piece is made to the exact dimensions of the space.

Bespoke furniture is also very high quality, made by hand and finished with the best techniques.  With over 39 years’ experience in the industry, we have created the widest range of furniture and can apply this knowledge to your project.

Handcrafted with care

All the furniture we make is handcrafted with care and to the highest standards.  In addition to cabinets, wardrobes and other furniture, we also offer the same service for fittings and things like doors and windows for your home.

Whatever the project, large or small, we are happy to chat with you about it.  Simply get in touch today with details of what you need in bespoke furniture and we can start the planning process.

Bespoke Joiners in Sussex

"Very fast and great job - fits perfectly and great price and finish. Highly recommend.



If you have any questions about the bespoke services we can offer, or would like to know more about how we can help you design the perfect new space in your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to go over the process and offer a generalised quote to get started. Call us on 01903 733 776, email or click the button below.